Marriage Course 101


Strong marriages create strong families, and strong families make for stronger church communities.

This statement was made by a high-ranking politician in the UK and I believe it speaks into an area the church can minister powerfully and make an impact in marriages in the church as well as the community. Being an expatriate is both exciting and challenging and often puts pressure on marriages and families as everyone is adjusting to life in a different culture without the support of close family. We believe that The Marriage Course (TMC) can help strengthen the relationship and provide the necessary tools to deal with conflict, learn about the impact family has on the marriage, improve communications skills to name just a few topics. 

When churches offer TMC it becomes an opportunity to walk alongside the community, demonstrates the influence the love of Jesus has in marriages, and develops a community defined by a culture of healthy relationships. The Marriage Course is run over 7 weeks and has been developed as ‘in-person’ course but has been run online very successfully as well. 

If you’d like to see what the Marriage Course is all about, please join us for our Marriage 101 conference with Nicky and Sila Lee, the authors of the Marriage Book, and the Marriage and Pre-Marriage courses. 

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