How to run the Parenting Courses

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The Learning Centre contains a series of articles that will equip you to effectively run The Parenting Courses. It’s a free resource to support you through your entire Parenting Course experience.

1. Plan your course

Find a venue, ideally somewhere with plenty of space for everyone, and register your course on Marriage Builder so you can schedule your training and sessions. From here you can also invite your team to Marriage Builder and access all the promotional materials. Make sure to publish your course so that people can find it.

2. Train your Team

The Learning Centre contains a series of articles that will equip you to effectively run The Parenting Courses. These articles are divided into learning modules covering the best practices of running the courses, so that you’re set up to succeed.!!!

3. Promote your Course

Find all the promotional videos, guides and resources in the ‘Promote’ tab to promote your course in your church, community and on social media. Don’t forget to encourage your congregation to invite their friends too, to reach people outside the church walls.

4. Prepare for Session 1

In preparation for your first session you can download the video sessions, discussion guides and Journals for your team and guests in the ‘Supporting Tools’ tab. You can also buy Guest Journals, Leaders’ Guides and DVD sessions, if you prefer.

We’ve created resources to help you along every step of the way.

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