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The Alpha Middle East & Northern Africa Team is available to assist you with planning, promoting, organizing, and running an impactful Alpha course. And since we would love to get to know you and your plans, we would kindly ask you to please book an appointment with us here

1. Plan your Alpha

Register your Alpha so you can schedule your team training, Alpha sessions and Alpha time away. From here you can also invite your team to MyAlpha and access all the promotional materials. Make sure to publish your Alpha so that people can find it.

2. Train your Team

The Learning Centre contains videos that will equip you and your team to run Alpha effectively. These are grouped into modules covering the best practices for running Alpha in any context, from Youth to Catholic, so that you’re set up to succeed.

3. Promote your Alpha

Find all the promotional videos, guides and resources in the ‘Promote’ tab to promote your Alpha course in your church, community and on social media. Don’t forget to encourage your congregation to invite their friends.

4. Prepare for Session 1

In preparation for your Alpha you can download the video sessions and scripts, and discussion guides for your team and guests in the ‘What’s Next’ tab, or the ‘Series Materials’ tab. Well done, you’re now ready to run Alpha!

We’ve created resources to help you every step of the way.

myAlpha is the platform to plan your Alpha course; it’s got everything from training materials and promotional resources to the videos for each session.

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