The Impact of Family on Marriage


You probably know an important key to having a successful, happy, and lasting marriage is building and maintaining a healthy marriage. But where do you start? 

In our previous blogs we looked at the first 4 keys to a thriving marriage: Strengthening our Connection, the Art of Communication, Resolving Conflict, and the Power of Forgiveness.

In this blog we’ll look at the next one:

The Impact of Family

Family background has a big influence on a marriage and the expectations of different generations can cause tension within the wider family. We either repeat or react against the way our parents behaved, particularly when we are relaxed or stressed. 

Negative experiences from our past can affect the way we react to our partner, often when childhood needs were not met during our upbringing. In the same way though, positive experiences will also shape the way we react to life situations. It’s never too late to establish healthy ways of communication and dealing with conflict, extended family is no different. 

During the Marriage Course you will have the opportunity to talk about some of these issues, reflect on your upbringing and if extended family is having a good, supporting role in your marriage. 

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