The art of communication

KEYS TO A THRIVING MARRIAGE – The Art of Communication

You probably know an important key to having a successful, happy, and lasting marriage is building and maintaining a healthy marriage. But where do you start?

In our last blog (read it now) we looked at ways to strengthen our connection, this week we’ll explore:

The Art of Communication

Communicating effectively is an art that requires practice, patience, and a sense of humor. You may be surprised to find out that active listening encompasses the best of communication. In other words, good listening skills are just as important as good communication skills.

Hearing and understanding what’s being said, processing the information and responding in order to clarify and elicit more information are part of active listening. Effective communication involves the message, the speaker, and the listener. In a marriage context its important to build intimacy by sharing each other’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires.

How do you feel when you are listened to? Who would you choose to go to if you need a listening ear? 

In the Marriage Course we’ll look at ways to communicate and listen actively to each other, we may find that there are filters through which we hear and how this can cause conflict and a break down in our communication. 

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