Couple enjoying an personal conversation at The Marriage Course


Time, effort, inspiration, and regular check-ups are a vital ingredient of any successful venture. The Marriage Course provides a relaxed, romantic environment where any married couple can invest in the future of their relationship.

Have you ever wondered how you can organise an in-person marriage course in your church or community? Have a look at this short video of what the Marriage Course is CLICK HERE, and how you could go about organising it. Every Marriage Course is different, some organize a Marriage Course in the living room, while others set it up in a room with thirty tables for two. How do you see the forest through all those trees of possibilities? These three steps will help you on your way to organising a successful in-person Marriage Course.

1. Determine your target group

‘Who do you want to reach with your Marriage Course?’ Maybe you want to inspire and support couples from your church in their marriage. Or maybe you think of couples from your neighbourhood or your friends, some of whom go to church and others have nothing to do with faith. The Marriage Course is designed to reach couples of all stages in their marriage with, without or a different faith background.

2. Get to know your target audience

Whoever you have in mind, the target group determines every next step in thinking about your Marriage Course. Your target group influences what kind of location is appropriate, how you promote the course and sometimes even what group size you want to facilitate. It is therefore important to know your target group (if you do not already), so that you can estimate which location, what time, which budget, and which way of inviting suits them best.

3. Sketch a dream for your Marriage Course

Based on this knowledge, outline how you envision your Marriage Course. That sketch may be quite ambitious, but you can always switch back when something turns out not to be feasible. Involve others in sketching, such as church leaders or potential team members. And most important of all, pray for the course, the leaders, and those who will be attending.

Should you find that an in-person course is not feasible right now, you also have the option of running the course online.

Would you like more information and input about organizing a Marriage course? Check out our website (Alpha GCC – Explore Life, Faith & Meaning) or get in touch with me to discuss your specific course.